Friday, September 17, 2010

Vacation is over...

Well, I have been absent from the blogging world for pretty much all summer. We were in the middle of moving apartments and did not have Internet. Plus I really did not do much this summer, and it was one of the best summers ever!!! Kurt and I went to the beach twice, once with him family and once with my family. Besides that we spent some VERY much needed time together. So, there was really nothing exciting to post on. Sorry to all of my six followers, I am sure I was greatly missed ; ) But summer is a distant memory now with school and football in full swing (ok maybe not SO distant with temperatures at a sweltering 90 degrees).

I have officially started my forth year of college. I. Am. A. SENIOR! That just does not sound right. It literally feels like just yesterday I was stepping foot on campus for the first time, crying when my parents drove away, and meeting Kurt Prater at coffee house in the campus view room. I was such a mess back then. Correction, I am still a mess, but I love Jesus a whole lot more now and I let him take care of my messes. : )

Now campus feels like my second home and I am married to that Kurt Prater boy I met at coffee house as a bewildered freshman. It is amazing how many things can change in that four year span of college. But what a great four years it has been!!!

Ok, that's enough of memory lane. I am now in my methods block for education and loving it, but boy is it busy! My placement is for a 12th grade class so that is definitely an adventure and a reality check after my sweet 6th graders last year. It is going to be a great experience though. Hopefully it will toughen me up.

Kurt is coaching all three sports at the middle school this year! : o We are excited but things are going to be busy busy busy! Go Patriots!

That is what is new with us since I went on my hiatus from blogger. It is good to be back!