Monday, February 28, 2011

Revelations and Goodbyes


It was a weirdly emotional weekend in the Prater household. 

I have been trying to think through and wrestle with some really compelling and life changing lessons/ revelations of life, love, and godliness that have come to me lately through different venues.  I have had that feeling that God is trying to tell me something big.  Unfortunately, he never tells things all at once, it is always this big long process of learning and growing and yada yada yada : )

Me, being the inpatient one with a slightly obsessive personality would NOT let it go. 

Bless Kurt’s heart. 

I am an English major.  All I do all day every day is read, than discuss. How do I feel about that novel or what do I think about the point the author is trying to get across?  Therefore, in order to think and process information I have been conditioned to discuss, question, and discuss some more.

Come to find out my man, a physical education major, is wired entirely differently. 

Me: “Hey baby, what do you think about what David Platt is saying in this chapter of Radical?”    

Kurt: “Um, its good.”

Me: “What do you like about it?”

Kurt: “I dunno, I just like it.”

I also learned the other day from a friend about men and their “nothing box.”  They can literally think about nothing.  I cannot even comprehend that!

These differences in communication are in no way a bad thing!  I love Kurt for his simplicity and content nature.  It just amazes me how differently we can be!  

It, however, does pose a problem at times like this weekend when I am trying to process information.  This made for some fun, “heated discussions” about communication.  : ) Now,  I finally think we are making progress with understanding both sides.  We need each others differences to balance us out.  Yes Kurt needs to let me in on a little bit of his feelings so I don’t go completely crazy, but more than that I need to take a cue from him.  I need to just be still, trust God, and stop trying so hard. 

Also, this weekend our sweet friends Logan and Lindsey, have made a decision to follow God’s calling for them in a different city and state.  We could not be happier for them, but it finally became real as they made the official announcement to the church this morning. I was a mess.  But I eagerly look forward to watching how God works through their family to bring his kingdom to earth and set the oppressed free!     

After this weird emotional but wonderful weekend I am thankful for:

  • God’s perfect plans and timing
  • A sweet patient husband
  • Deep talk time
  • Our differences of personality that keep us on our toes
  • Eternal soul friendships that God has blessed our life with  
  • Friends that are open and willing to go where God calls, even if it is hard
  • Getting to watch God work powerfully in the body of the Church

Saturday, February 26, 2011



This picture was posted on Tesney's blog the other day.  I have been haunted ever since.  Look at it closely.  Let it break through the barriers of your calloused heart like only a picture can. 

What if she was your daughter, your sister, your grand-daughter?


Through the blood of Christ,

She is




I, of 22 years,

Know, no emptiness

Know, no drought

Know, no famine

Know only excess and waste



Precious innocent child,

Know only emptiness

Know only drought 

Know only famine

Only the slow pain of life decaying from the inside out. 


My biggest problems are not studying for a  test

Yours are life and death


“Let the little children come unto me”

Jesus was not too busy



My stomach is full

My pantry is full

My house is full

My life is full

But, the vulture is waiting

He knows my soul is empty and decaying


Have mercy on me Father.  Rescue me from a life of meaninglessness: where starving decaying children are cast aside and looked over, for the comforts of our “American Dream”  Align my heart with yours; fill my starving decaying soul with your nourishing perfect Spirit. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Things I am Thankful for on my birthday:

  1. Waking up to my man singing Happy Birthday
  2. Eating the yummy breakfast that he cooked for me
  3. Spending time with him before he goes to work
  4. Wonderful parents coming to see me!
  5. A cozy, adorable tea/lunch place called Sarabella’s (highly recommend it for all you ladies!)
  6. Daddy and Kurt being a good sport about the tea-room (No they did not drink from a cup and saucer, trust me I would have gotten pictures of that!)
  7. Time to slow down and visit
  8. Yogurt Mountain
  9. The beautiful orchid Mom and Dad brought for me (its a cheerful little thing to look at! Pray I keep it alive!)
  10. Sunshine!
  11. Watching Kurt coach his baseball team in the beautiful weather
  12. A new computer (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  My old one’s mother board went out—it was a sad day : (
  13. The Bunco Gals and our PJ valentine party!
  14. Birthday messages on Face book, texts, and calls from amazing friends! 
  15. Going to bed to my man singing Happy Birthday : )
  16. SO MUCH MORE.  This list could go on forever but you get the point : )

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from my actual birthday (haha go figure), but here are some pics from celebrating at home last weekend!

We went out to Shogun and it was delicious  : )



Sister and her sweet hubby


Ladies and gentlemen, this cake is from Peggy Ann Bakery (all you Huntsville people know what I’m talking about!)  there is NOTHNG like a Peggy Ann cake.  And as you can see I am super excited!

21 was a good year.  My prayer for 22 is to just keep being humbled and molded into the woman God wants me to be.  To continue to see his hand working in the lives of my family and I.  There is no greater joy than to be used for his glory! 

I want more of Him and less of me.

Testing Testing

I got a new computer that has this blog editing tool through windows.  It seems a lot easier to use than the blogger editing tool.  The only thing bothering me, is the background I am typing on is black.  That’s a little weird and I can’t figure out how to change it.  This post is just to see how this works. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Speak Now

Blog Makeover! 

For the past couple months I have been experimenting with different blog backgrounds and headers to find a combo that I like.  TA you have it!---You would not believe how long it took this girl to figure out how to make a header and put tabs on my blog.  Miss. technology illiterate over here is holding her own : ) 

As you can see with the new look, I have given the blog a new name.  When I first started trying my hand in the blog world, I had no direction of where I really wanted to go with it.  My posts were random.  And probably will still be.  But finally, God has given me a little hint of direction that I am going to begin taking. 

You might recognize my new slogan from the newly released Taylor Swift CD.  Yes, lets just get this out of the way, I am a big fan!  The name of her latest CD, "Speak Now"  resonated with me.  Two. Simple. Words.  

Originally, I racked my brain to come up with a profoundly symbolic biblical phrase that would get my point across, yet show off my deep knowledge of the bible (HA!).  Nothing felt right.  I kept going back to the phrase on this CD cover that, from what I could tell, had no biblical connection what so over.  Or does it?  

How many times do I let moments pass and do not speak the words of Christ into a thirsty soul?  How many times do I forgo advocating for orphans, widows, sex trafficking, or any thing else because I have too much homework and do not have the time?  How often do I take my own story forgranted or think I am too small and weak to make any real impacts in the world?  How often am I afraid of speaking out truth for fear of what people will think?  Why did I spend years tortured by living with a secret, that had I told someone, I could have gotten help? 

I realized that speaking truth now can radically impact my life and the lives of those around me.  It can raise awareness, bring justice, get help for those in need, glorify Christ, encourage, reach, teach, influence, and SO MUCH MORE!  

I am done sitting in silence while watching a world fall to darkness before me.  I will SPEAK NOW and proclaim the truth and glory of my King with out shame.  Will you?  I invite you to come with me on this messy journey.  I don't have a clue where it will lead, but isn't that the fun?