Monday, February 28, 2011

Revelations and Goodbyes


It was a weirdly emotional weekend in the Prater household. 

I have been trying to think through and wrestle with some really compelling and life changing lessons/ revelations of life, love, and godliness that have come to me lately through different venues.  I have had that feeling that God is trying to tell me something big.  Unfortunately, he never tells things all at once, it is always this big long process of learning and growing and yada yada yada : )

Me, being the inpatient one with a slightly obsessive personality would NOT let it go. 

Bless Kurt’s heart. 

I am an English major.  All I do all day every day is read, than discuss. How do I feel about that novel or what do I think about the point the author is trying to get across?  Therefore, in order to think and process information I have been conditioned to discuss, question, and discuss some more.

Come to find out my man, a physical education major, is wired entirely differently. 

Me: “Hey baby, what do you think about what David Platt is saying in this chapter of Radical?”    

Kurt: “Um, its good.”

Me: “What do you like about it?”

Kurt: “I dunno, I just like it.”

I also learned the other day from a friend about men and their “nothing box.”  They can literally think about nothing.  I cannot even comprehend that!

These differences in communication are in no way a bad thing!  I love Kurt for his simplicity and content nature.  It just amazes me how differently we can be!  

It, however, does pose a problem at times like this weekend when I am trying to process information.  This made for some fun, “heated discussions” about communication.  : ) Now,  I finally think we are making progress with understanding both sides.  We need each others differences to balance us out.  Yes Kurt needs to let me in on a little bit of his feelings so I don’t go completely crazy, but more than that I need to take a cue from him.  I need to just be still, trust God, and stop trying so hard. 

Also, this weekend our sweet friends Logan and Lindsey, have made a decision to follow God’s calling for them in a different city and state.  We could not be happier for them, but it finally became real as they made the official announcement to the church this morning. I was a mess.  But I eagerly look forward to watching how God works through their family to bring his kingdom to earth and set the oppressed free!     

After this weird emotional but wonderful weekend I am thankful for:

  • God’s perfect plans and timing
  • A sweet patient husband
  • Deep talk time
  • Our differences of personality that keep us on our toes
  • Eternal soul friendships that God has blessed our life with  
  • Friends that are open and willing to go where God calls, even if it is hard
  • Getting to watch God work powerfully in the body of the Church

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