Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Lazy days of Summer (update of random happenings)

During my recent down time I have read Stephanie Meyer's latest book, The Host. I highly recommend it to anyone! It might take you a few chapters to get into it and fully understand what is going on, but it is definitely worth it! Unfortunately this one is not about Vampires. It is about aliens, yes aliens. I have never thought myself much of the Sci Fi type. I don't really even get into Star wars that much but I was definitely enthralled with this book. Just like vampires she makes aliens seem, well, normal. Now as usual after finishing a good book I am looking for yet another one that won't let me down.

On the topic of books, I also finished Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. I have probably been working on that one since January! This book was very challenging for me. It contradicted things that I have been taught, by American culture, to think and believe, but then again if I really look closely does Jesus not do the same thing? If you have read or chose to read this book in the future I challenge you to take your time to really think about what Claiborne is saying and the biblical truths that he is applying to his life. Don't just dismiss it for some radical Christan crazy talk.

My parents came to town over the weekend to take advantage of the extra bedroom that we have for the month. We had a great time playing cards, watching mine and Kurt's wedding video, eating some yummy food and just having a good time together with out an agenda. It has been a long time since we have just been able to sit back and relax with each other with out wedding planning to do. But weddings are done and it is so nice to be able to enjoy each others company!

Kurt and I are currently gearing up for a beach trip with his family. We leave on Saturday and I am ready for some fun in the sun and a cramped condo!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A tribute to Apt E-8

After almost a year in our one bedroom, 400 square foot apartment we have moved! The days leading up to May 31st (our moving day) could NOT come fast enough. I kept myself busy, busy, busy with class and preparations for my sister's wedding. However, spending so much time in such little space will have it's effects on you.

I learned that central air, a washing machine, a garbage disposal, and kitchen ventilation, is in fact not a necessity but, a HUGE luxury. One can actually get used to not having them and still live quiet comfortably. I learned that it is not the living space but the love inside the living space that makes it worth coming home to. I learned how to talk it out instead of ignoring a problem because there was simply no space (literally) for avoidance. I learned that I can actually deal with roaches and not die. Please note, roaches terrify me, and by terrify I mean I freeze up, breath really fast, and possibly cry depending on the size, whenever I see one. This is another story entirely, but yes we were infested with roaches, IN MY KITCHEN until the guy below us moved out. Yeah, pretty sure I know where they were coming from. I learned that I can share a closet with Kurt and you can fit a whole lot of stuff under your bed. I learned how diluted I am to the materialism of this world with each break through moment that I realize a major portion of the world's population would look at my small grungy apartment like I would look at a mansion. I have learned how to be more content, but that does not mean I am always good at it. I have learned that striving for something more or different is a waste of time because you will look back and miss whatever it is you leave behind. I have learned that I will always cherish those sweet cozy moments in our first apartment and I am thankful for the lessons of life, love and Godliness that it taught me.

Life goes on though, and we are very excited to finally be in the same neighborhood where Kurt is teaching. It will be a lot easier for us to get more involved in the community, which was our main reason for the move (ok, so a washer and dryer doesn't hurt ; ). Closing in on Kurt's first year teaching and our first year married it has been fun to reminisce on the past year and look forward to what this new year together will hold!