Thursday, February 10, 2011


Things I am Thankful for on my birthday:

  1. Waking up to my man singing Happy Birthday
  2. Eating the yummy breakfast that he cooked for me
  3. Spending time with him before he goes to work
  4. Wonderful parents coming to see me!
  5. A cozy, adorable tea/lunch place called Sarabella’s (highly recommend it for all you ladies!)
  6. Daddy and Kurt being a good sport about the tea-room (No they did not drink from a cup and saucer, trust me I would have gotten pictures of that!)
  7. Time to slow down and visit
  8. Yogurt Mountain
  9. The beautiful orchid Mom and Dad brought for me (its a cheerful little thing to look at! Pray I keep it alive!)
  10. Sunshine!
  11. Watching Kurt coach his baseball team in the beautiful weather
  12. A new computer (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  My old one’s mother board went out—it was a sad day : (
  13. The Bunco Gals and our PJ valentine party!
  14. Birthday messages on Face book, texts, and calls from amazing friends! 
  15. Going to bed to my man singing Happy Birthday : )
  16. SO MUCH MORE.  This list could go on forever but you get the point : )

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from my actual birthday (haha go figure), but here are some pics from celebrating at home last weekend!

We went out to Shogun and it was delicious  : )



Sister and her sweet hubby


Ladies and gentlemen, this cake is from Peggy Ann Bakery (all you Huntsville people know what I’m talking about!)  there is NOTHNG like a Peggy Ann cake.  And as you can see I am super excited!

21 was a good year.  My prayer for 22 is to just keep being humbled and molded into the woman God wants me to be.  To continue to see his hand working in the lives of my family and I.  There is no greater joy than to be used for his glory! 

I want more of Him and less of me.

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