Saturday, February 26, 2011



This picture was posted on Tesney's blog the other day.  I have been haunted ever since.  Look at it closely.  Let it break through the barriers of your calloused heart like only a picture can. 

What if she was your daughter, your sister, your grand-daughter?


Through the blood of Christ,

She is




I, of 22 years,

Know, no emptiness

Know, no drought

Know, no famine

Know only excess and waste



Precious innocent child,

Know only emptiness

Know only drought 

Know only famine

Only the slow pain of life decaying from the inside out. 


My biggest problems are not studying for a  test

Yours are life and death


“Let the little children come unto me”

Jesus was not too busy



My stomach is full

My pantry is full

My house is full

My life is full

But, the vulture is waiting

He knows my soul is empty and decaying


Have mercy on me Father.  Rescue me from a life of meaninglessness: where starving decaying children are cast aside and looked over, for the comforts of our “American Dream”  Align my heart with yours; fill my starving decaying soul with your nourishing perfect Spirit. 

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