Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If I was Jesus

It is only the third day of classes and I already feel burnt out. I can think of so many other things I could do to glorify God during my day if I didn't have to be sitting in some BORING class listening to a professor who uses unnecessarily big words. Not to mention the worst stress of getting homework done and studying for tests. I am constantly waiting for that day of no more classes when I can REALLY change the world. Or, sometimes I dream of quiting college, packing my bags and heading somewhere exciting to take care of a house full of kids, feeding the poor, and giving water to the thirsty (my mom would LOVE that one). No more boring classes, homework, or tests to distract me and stress me out. Well lets just face it...that's a load of crap.

Yes, while I would sometimes rather be in another country doing exciting new thing to spread Gods kingdom the fact is God put me HERE at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. This is no accident. He has put me here to spread his kingdom and bring Jesus to the college campus and throughout the city. Anything else I tell me self is simply an excuse for not being Jesus in my everyday life. You see, to be Jesus in my everyday life, instead of going to class in a groggy daze, sitting, taking notes, and just getting by, I am called to have the joy of the spirit in my heart, to actually look at people as I pass them pray for them and LOVE them. I can no longer just try to get through class with out being called on or noticed. I am called to LOVE the girl sitting next to me and over the course of the semester form a relationship with her. This sounds so simple doesn't it?

The problem is that my human nature is not wired to be as friendly as Jesus was. Jesus could go up to a woman at a well who he had never even met and after telling her, her own life story as the ice breaker offer her to drink of living water that will never leave her thirsty again (yea, that's not creepy). I can hardly say, "Hey my name is Laura. Whats your name?" with out feeling self conscious of being weird or "to friendly." I think Satan binds us into leading our private lives and keeping to ourselves. He convinces us to leave our neighbors alone telling us that they do not want to be bothered, or that somethings are just to personal to be asked about and we need to give people their own space.

News Flash! Jesus did not have personal space. He did not even have his own house to escape to so he could get away from people. So, why should I live like that? WHEN am I going to realize I constantly need the Holy Spirit flowing through me to live like Jesus because it is completely impossible on my own. WHEN am I going to surrender my plans to Gods plans. WHEN am I going to surrender my why of thinking to Gods. WHEN will I let myself die so that the spirit can live through me.

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