Friday, January 8, 2010

National Champions 2009

I have never been a big blog fan. I wasn't sure how I felt about posting things about me and my life for the whole cyber space world to see. Kind of creepy if you ask me....I still think its creepy but out of the blue one day I had the urge to start one. I thought, well I'll just set up my profile and we will just see what happens. After a little while of playing around on this thing I discovered ya'lls secret...its addicting! As if I didn't have enough things to distract me.

On a more serious note I have really felt God working on me over my break from school and I was really hoping this could be a place where I could do some thinking and reflecting. While I realize a hand written journal would serve just as well I also know myself in that number one, I would never write in it and number two, thoughts that I do not share often go with out being acted upon.

Well that enough introduction for one night. I felt motivated and inspired because the Bama just won the National Championship. Roll Tide! But now it is fading quickly and my bed is calling my name. If I write more it is not going to make since.

Roll Tide and God Bless!!!!

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