Sunday, April 18, 2010

Be Still

One of many things that is funny about mine and Kurt's relationship has been and still is the fact that I am a goer and a doer and he is...well, not. Don't get me wrong he is a hard worker and a really fun guy but he knows how to relax and slow down and I...don't. Basically, we go in this cycle all the time where I wear him out, he has to have "down time," I get bored, and wear him out again, and see the pattern.

However, despite the annoyances of this cycle there is something beautiful in it. I push him to go and do and he reigns me in, keeping me from going crazier than I already am! Just today, for example, being the end of the semester, I have 5 lesson plans, at least three papers the majority of which are due on Tuesday, all of which I had not even started still yesterday! Basically, I am SLIGHTLY over whelmed. He comes home from work and makes me put down EVERYTHING to just go lay with him for a few minutes. I resist, skirm, and wiggle trying to get away, frantically telling him ALL of the work I have to get done and how stressed I am and that I have absolutely no time to just lay around. Of course, those of you who know us, know that Kurt is much bigger and much stronger then me. Needless to say, he always wins. Frustrated I unwillingly am forced to submit to his request.

Slowly though, as I lay still, in his arms, I am able to breath. I feel my muscles relax, the stress of the day melts away and I am able to live in that quiet moment. I am not thinking about papers, lesson plans, or exams. Instead, I am only thinking about Kurt and how perfect and priceless these little moments are and I savor every minute.

Finally after a few minutes of this peace I return to my work refreshed and revived. My homework was not more important than the precious moments I got to spend with Kurt and all of it still got done in a timely manner.

It is times like this that teach me something very important about God. He is longing for those exact same precious moments with me everyday. Unfortunatly I get blinded by the "pressing issues" that I feel have to be done now. I pray that God will open my eyes to see past the "pressing issues" so that I do not miss out on those precious moments with Him.

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